Elixir of aventurine
the potion ...the magic potion

The name referred elixir formerly the substance
 purest that one draws some things.
 Therefore elixir stone is water which
 contains the best of this stone.

 LuckyStone gives the best 'water Aventurine,' 'the best potion.
There is no other stone as' loadable '' that Aventurine.

Please read ...

A good well prepared elixir you get favors from your friends
your boss or a client, your bank manager, and even your mother in law!

Why a person is chosen for a job
from over 400 candidates equally qualified?

Why in a shop, a client who hates to get help
accepts suddenly delighted with a saleswoman?

Why in the presence of some people,
time seems so long while with others,
it seems to pass more quickly?

The answer is obvious: these people wear a perfume elixir.

This ''water'' helps you keep your balance, manage your emotions,
helps you to balance your mental and spiritual health.
Your elixir, as you make for yourselves is the same for your child,
 will lead you to discover the path of secret emotions buried, but not suppressed.

Experience: Take water Aventurine,
(Dip your Aventurine stone in a few liters of water,
in a wooden bowl, at least 4 hours.)
  sprinkle some plants with this water and
Keep a few plants with plain water.
You will see the difference physically. It's works it goes fast...

For some lithotherapists:
A crystal immersed more or less extensively in distilled water
or another solution in contact
the sun and the full moon, made a very good elixir.

The resulting liquid is ingested by the person
according to a precise dosage
which depend on the type of elixir
and desired effect.
This practice, however risky,
... Like heavy metal migration
present in some other stones and minerals.

How to make your elixir

An elixir is not a drug, it is a unique vibratory creation.
It is therefore essential to be involved in the desire to participate in the process of evolution.
 An elixir is to be done by the person who will use it.
However, it will be an exception when it comes to a child.


The elixir is prepared in a 30cc bottle and smoked glass
 with a pipette (sold at pharmacies). You must use a liquid consisting of 20% natural alcohol
 (Eg biological cognac) and a "charged water".
In this form, the elixir keeps one year
 away from light and strong temperature fluctuations.
To communicate to the water the vibration of the stone,
 different techniques exist.

It is essential to follow his convictions,
because the power of the elixir depend on the certainty and
the strength of his intentions.
If you follow to the letter the principles shamans for example,
but without really understanding its meaning and depth,
it will never be a sham.

While the mineral water will entrust its vibration,
but it will not commensurate with the elixir
made by an officiant who puts all his will and his faith.

Take the trouble and time to create your own ritual,
one that looks like you and stick in the steps.
What I suggest you is only an indication.
The principal is the serious,
the love and faith you put in.

Always prepare elixirs at the rising moon,
14 days before the full moon.


In a quiet room, take some time to burn cedar or sage or incense;
 these perfumes are purifiers and harmonize the room where you are.

Put a meditative music,
or sacred nature.
You can also think a singing bowl
which will distribute note f if possible. (Note also purifying).

Make sure you have prepared all the necessary tools and not to be disturbed.

Stone (the lucky stone is highly recommended because of its power) that will be used must be perfectly purified: otherwise it will not function. (See purification)


Center you perfectly, hand on heart,
 the other on the solar plexus.
 Enter in yourself and make peace.
While sitting, comfortable,
 stay a few minutes in this attitude of "no action".
Speak then to the relevant stone
 tell him what you expect it.
 Ask for his help and support in the process that you incur.

Present and your request, to the energy of the source and
 Then, put the stone in a wood container or
 earth containing water that impregnate the vibratory force of the North stone.
Always keep in mind the sacredness of what you accomplish.
Leave this container 48 hours away from light.

When you return to the hand,
 put yourself in the same conditions as for the first stage.
 This part is just as sacred as the last.
Prepare a bottle containing 20% ​​alcohol and
 complete with contaminated water taken with a wooden spoon.
The rest of the liquid used for other applications later once lucky stone removed.
 You can use it to water a plant, or to hair loss for some skin care.
Close and shake the vial vigorously.
Refocus yourself and the bottle to the energy that surrounds you.
Thank your guides and let stand three days.
You can start your treatment with three doses per day,
 with seven drops, until the end of the bottle.
Your decision should be made aware of the work
 you make for yourself and in a moment of calm.
Recharge your stone after your session.


I have presented to you a basic ritual,
 but you can each include an action that is consistent with his convictions.
However, do not get into the hype and complicate your life.


Make your aphrodisiac potion


This potion, taken from Chinese recipes, will be powerful,
an aphrodisiac scent so effective
that people around you succumb to your charm.
The effects of this potion made with your lucky stone,
will be so nice,
that people around you will stick to you.

The smell that operates at the level of the skin and the subconscious, you can be anywhere you want.

Everyone succumbs to your requests,

your customers, your co-workers,

your boss or future employer, your bank manager, your mother, your friends.

You will now with all these people and in all situations, convincing person,
credible, admired, envied, popular, and all that, thanks to your potion.
The testimonies confirm: you will be more sexually more attractive.


Here is the recipe:

In a wooden bowl, let stand a chance to stone all night, in 60 ml of water.

In the morning, pick your lucky stone.

Add 5 ml vanilla extract in your water loaded

Add 1 mL of peppermint oil

Leave to stand for 24 hours and keep everything in a bottle of dark glass.

A subtle hint of the fragrance on the body, behind the ears, inside the arms, vis--vis the elbows and you will see that all the people who will be less than 2 meters you will definitely attracted as a magnet.

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